Thermolab Micro Silencer CPU Cooler

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Thermolab Micro Silencer CPU Cooler
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Product(s): Thermolab Micro Silencer
Provided By: Thermolab

Price: MSRP ~$32 USD



Today we are going to look at a new cooler, the Micro Silencer, from a new company called Thermolab. This cooler has a thin profile, and appears to be aimed towards the HTPC/Slim PC market, which is a market that sometimes gets forgotten about with all of these massive heatpipe tower coolers that are being released. The Micro Silencer is only for Intel Socket 775 boards, and according to the specifications provided by Thermolab is built for processors under 105 Watts, and weigh 275 grams.

Thermolab is a new Korean cooling company, and this is one of their first coolers to hit the market. According to their website they only have two products released so far, the Micro Silencer, and the Nano Silencer. Both of these coolers appear to be aimed at the HTPC/Slim PC market, as well as from their names, I'd have to assume that "Silence" is a big part of their product line. Unfortunately at the time of publishing this review, Thermolab's website is still under construction, so we don't really have much more information on this new company.

It's always interesting to see new products from new companies, let's see how the Micro Silencer from Thermolab does in our testing.....


First Impressions:

Well, the Micro Silencer that Thermolab sent us came in a plain brown cardboard box. I'm unsure if this is how their coolers will be sold once they hit the market, or if this is just how our samples were shipped, either way, I don't mind the simple packaging, because after 30 seconds most people toss the packaging anyways.

As soon as I removed the cooler, it was pretty obvious that this cooler was aimed for HTPC/Slim PC applications due to its nice slim profile. There isn't anything too flashy about this cooler, but it appears to be very well built and sturdy.

Thermolab Micro Silencer - Box Front
Thermolab Micro Silencer - Box Side


Thermolab Micro Silencer - Inside Box
Thermolab Micro Silencer - Cooler Side


Thermolab Micro Silencer - Heatpipes
Thermolab Micro Silencer - Bottom of Cooler

Let's move onto the Technical Specifications of this cooler...