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Cyber Snipa Stinger Mouse
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Product: Cyber Snipa Stinger Mouse
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Today we are going to be looking at a mouse newly designed mouse from CyberSnipa, the Stinger. I was really looking forward to reviewing this mouse, the weight system and cool design just appealed to my inner nature as a gamer to test this one out.

 Stinger Package - Front
Stinger Package - Front
 Stinger Package - Back
Stinger Package - Back


About Cyber Snipa:

The Cyber Snipa™ product range has been developed by Flexiglow™ Hong Kong, a global supplier of PC modding and gaming accessories.

Flexiglow™ specialises in the development and manufacture of custom PC modification and gaming accessory products. Our key focus is on meeting the ever changing needs of the gaming community - one of the fastest growing communities in the world today.

The Cyber Snipa™ range of gaming peripherals is specifically focussed on complimenting and enhancing the gamers experience.

Established in 1998, founding members have over 18 years combined experience in OEM (Order for Exclusive Manufacture) based projects.

Mission Statement

  • To build a leading brand that represents PC modification and gaming accessory products of the highest quality and innovation.
  • To provide our global partners with a level of service that is consistent with our premium product range.
  • To help our global partners grow, through reliable service, quality products, flexibility and co-operation.


Specifications & Features:

“Official” Description

The Cyber Snipa Stinger takes the final step in the evolution of gaming mice.

The Stinger is the master of macro; possessing onboard memory, macros can be recorded and set to any of the 6 customizable buttons of a macro profile. With 3 separate profiles, the Stinger gives the possibility of a staggering 18 onboard macros at any one time!

The Stinger also features fully adjustable dpi. The software allows the user to select 4 different dpi levels, ranging anywhere from 400 to 3200 dpi, which can be cycled through by pressing the mouse’s dpi button.

The gaming grade laser engine operates at over 7000 frames per second, offers a maximum of 3200 dpi and features a super fast USB report rate of 1000Hz, meaning the response time drops from the standard 8ms to 1ms!

The top of the line laser engine and the armory of features means this is a mouse like no other.

Technical Specs:

  • 7,080 frames per second (FPS)
  • Up to 3200 DPI laser engine
  • Tracking speed of 45 inches per second (IPS)
  • 9 buttons including 6 macro programmable
  • Up to 1000Hz (1ms) adjustable report rate
  • 8kb of onboard memory
  • 16 bit ultra wide data path
  • 7 removable weights (20g each)
  • 4 super size easy glide feet


I’m definitely not impressed in the way the mouse was packaged, it was encased with plastic and while this may be good for marketing and viewing pleasure, it sure is a pain to get open unless a super sharp knife is handy. While this is not something that affects the overall value of the mouse, it is something that annoys me greatly.

Full Array
Full Array


Aside from that, I liked this mouse from the start, not only did it have an adjustable weight system, but it was designed to be "cool" looking. With the soft red glowing crosshairs on the back, and the combination of red and black, this mouse is made for the gamer. Inside the package came the mouse, a manual, a carrying case for the weight system, a software CD, and mice feet designed to fit on the Stinger.


The scroll wheel is a little different while keeping with tradition, the industry standard is having the scroll wheel glow with a set amount of colors, however, what takes this one out of that league is the joystick like comparability. What I mean is that it can move side to side as well as turn up and down providing a way to scroll left and right in a web page or document without having to move the cursor all the half-way down the screen to access the scroll bar.

The thing that makes the mouse buttons a cut above the rest is the indents; as a hand rests in the curvature of the mouse the fingers get a little indent in the middle of the mouse buttons. These indents definitely look pretty cool and make it easier for extended periods of use.

Weight Box
Weight Box


There are also seven weights that make up the weight system inside the mouse, and they come in a small round container for easy access and transport. They weigh 20 grams each for a total of 140 grams. While this may not look like much on paper, it does make a difference in-game. If you like something substantial to move, the weight set does it for you, but if you like flinging your hand wherever the wind takes it, take the weights out and you've got yourself a feather.

While the weights are definitely handy to have around, they are also difficult to take out of the mouse and transport case. CyberSnipa has put indents on the sides of the weights but for people like me without fingernails it gets a little hard to get a grip.