Axiom Audiobyte Audiophile Computer Speakers - Audiobytes Overview, Specs and Test Setup

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Axiom Audiobyte Audiophile Computer Speakers
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Audiobytes Overview, Specs and Test Setup
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Audiobytes Overview:

Now that we've seen these speakers first-hand and up close we'll take a look at what Axiom has to say about them.  First off the overview clipped for your convenience from the main product page.

Introducing the first luxury hi-fi computer speaker system. . .
Performance, beauty and fidelity in one package.

Music: You’ve been waiting for a computer speaker system that sounds so good it makes you want to crank it up and sing along. Finally, award-winning Axiom sound is available from your computer or iPod system. Either connect the compact Audiobytes to your PC to enjoy your favorite tunes, or connect the speakers and 55-watt-per-channel amplifier to your iPod dock for great music listening while your iPod charges.

Movies: Watching movies on your computer just became a completely immersive experience with truly dynamic sound reproduction in a near-field application. Add the optional isobarically loaded dual-cone subwoofer to add powerful bass impact and depth to your experience. Available in black.

Gaming: Whether you’re a casual gamer or you lined up for days to get the first copy of Halo 3, the Axiom Audiobytes will add unprecedented realism to the demanding sound requirements of today’s games. You won’t believe what you’ve been missing until you switch to the truly high-fidelity playback of the Axiom Audiobyte.




All of the above specs and the overview of the speakers may be a bit above what general consumers are used to hearing and seeing and while the amp is "only" rated at 55W per channel, you'll find out that Axiom offers true ratings and accurate numbers as opposed to many other companies that fudge the numbers or use some weird formula to generate impressive specs.  Axiom is committed to quality sound and accurate reproduction on everything from high-hat cymbals to their specifications.


Test Setup:

We used several test setups and situations to give the Axiom Audiobytes a thorough test.  The main system used was a computer with a Creative X-Fi Platinum.  On this system we used lossless AAC and FLAC files as well as DVD-Audio titles.  We also tested with standard lossy MP3s on both the computer and an iPod.  We used the Audiobytes on a couple of different media players as well as an IBM Thinkpad T61 laptop.  This should cover many different situations that people will encounter on a day-to-day basis.

On the final page we'll turn up the volume and test these out.