Plextor's PX-708A DVD±RW - The Drive, Bundle and Software

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Plextor's PX-708A DVD±RW
The Drive, Bundle and Software
Test Setup, Info and Media Compatibility
Performance - CD Read and Write Tests
Performance - DVD Read and Write Tests
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Drive:
The box arrived slightly banged up, and about a month late (thanks to UPS), but the drive seemed to be in alright. A quick inspection of all the goodies showed no damage. So, let's take a look at it.
I was quite happy to see that this drive has a volume control and a headphone jack on the front. Granted, most people will never use these to listen to a CD, but my personal opinion is that a drive looks cheap without it. Also on the front is the DVD-ReWritable, DVD R/RW, Compact Disk UltraSpeed, and Plextor model number and logo. Kind'a gives you the feeling of NASCAR doesn't it?
The back of the drive holds the usual connectors. From left to right: Digital Audio (SPIDF) connector, Analog Audio connector, Jump Block, IDE, and power connector. Nothing unusual or funky.

Here's a quick look at the label. It's been made a little while. Gotta' love the fact that BCC is listed on every drive they make!!

The Bundle:
Well, you've seen a bit of the drive itself, but for a suggested retail of $400 CAD, it should come with more than just the drive. Here's a shot of what's in the box. Plextor does include a blank DVD+R that will burn at 8X, as well as an IDE cable, screws, emergency eject tool, a quick start guide, a great manual, and some software. I was a bit disappointed to discover that it doesn't include Plextools. Instead it included the ageing Plextor Manager. More on that below.
The software disk that comes with this drive is in fact a DVD-ROM. It contains a fair bit of software to get you going. You get Easy CD&DVD Creator 6, Abobe's PhoteSuite 5 SE, and Roxio DVD Max (aka Cyberlink PowerDVD 4). Also included, but not listed on the main installer is the Plextor Manager 2000, and a download to a 30 day trial of Retrospect Backup. Nice little bundle.
Here are some shots of the utilities/goodies that come with Plextor Manager.
(Plextor's Audio Player)
(Plextor's Audio Capture / CD Ripper)
(Settings Tab in Plextor Manager)
(More Plextor Manager Goodies)
That pretty much sums up the drive, the bundle and the software. One last thing we have to do before we head on over to the testing, is to take a look at the bench setup and testing information. On with the show!!