Plextor's PX-708A DVD±RW - Performance - CD Read and Write Tests

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Plextor's PX-708A DVD±RW
The Drive, Bundle and Software
Test Setup, Info and Media Compatibility
Performance - CD Read and Write Tests
Performance - DVD Read and Write Tests
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

CD Read Tests:
The Plextor PX-708A is rated at having 40X CD Read capability. I fired up CD Speed, stuck in a full Data Disk that I created earlier, and let 'er rip. The drive easily topped over 40X, and finished reading the disk with an average of 31.4X. It reached it's 40X rated speed at the 66 minute mark. Not bad at all. The seek times and CPU utilization are very good for a DVD drive.
The next disk that we'll read is an Audio CDR that I made. It is a 77 minute + CD, and surprisingly, it is read slightly faster than the Data CD in the previous test. Seek time, and CPU utilization are again very respectable.
According to Nero CD Speed, the drive reads CD Audio accurately. For this next test, we'll take a closer look and see just how fast and good the drive actually is using a Digital Audio Extractor. As you can see in the pic below. It's results line up exactly with Nero CD Speed. The DAE finishes at a blistering 41.4X with no errors. The Audio CD that I used for this test is getting a little scratched up - not bad mind you, but it is scratched. I'm very impressed with the DAE capability of this drive. I hadn't expected a DVD Writer to fly though this test without any problems at all.
This next test shows how well the drive can read scratched and dirty disks. For this test, I've always used a backup CD-R of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. It is getting quite scratched up and has fingerprints on it. Incredibly, the PX-708A flew through this test, reading the disk perfectly without even slowing down. I've had other drives choke on this test. So far so good.
CD Write Tests:
As I mentioned before, things have changed a bit as far as testing goes. I used to use Nero CD Speed to show a simulated burn, then do the actual burning with Nero, and show the burn time. I now use Nero CD Speed to actually create the data disk, and skip the simulation. The following screenshot will show the full 700MB burn - including Lead In and Lead Out.
With a complete burn taking less that 3:00 minutes, the PX-708A is no slouch when it comes to handling CD's. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with it's CD performance. Honestly though, I'm sure you want to see how it works with DVD's. After all, it is a DVD BURNER!!