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SteelSeries Ikari Iron.Lady Bundle
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Product: SteelSeries Ikari Laser Iron.Lady Bundle
Provided by: SteelSeries
Price: $95.99USD Est. MSRP


Today we are taking a look at a product bundle from SteelSeries instead on an entirely new technology.  This time around we've got the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Iron.Lady bundle on the bench and my wife will be doing the analytical part of the review here in a few minutes.  For those of you out of the loop, Iron.Lady is a popular gaming event held in China.

Mouse Package
Iron.Lady Package

Iron.Lady gathers the top female professional Warcraft 3 delegates from around Asia, in order to battle against each other for cool prizes and of course the ultimate title of "Super Iron Lady". Iron.Lady was founded in 2007 and reaches a viewer base of approximately 3.7 million people in China alone. Iron.Lady represents and signifies the strength within these females' personalities, but also their determination and ability to compete on a professional level. The Iron.Lady tournaments are a cornerstone of competitive female electronic sports.

For more information about Iron.Lady and the SteelSeries sponsorship, head on over here.


Iron.Lady - Pink!

This bundle not only comes with a pink Ikari Laser mouser from SteelSeries, it also comes with a pink SteelSeries QcK pad as well as a pink wristband.  While many people say that girls hate to be marketed to with pink products and accessories, SteelSeries is not marketing to girl - they are marketing to female gamers...and there is a distinct difference.

 Bundle Of Goodies
Bundle Of Goodies


iron.lady Bundle for Female Gamers, Not “Girls"
As a cornerstone for competitive female electronic sports, iron.lady is a unique and popular gaming event held in China, gathering the top female professional Warcraft 3 delegates from across Asia in order to battle against each other for the ultimate title of "Super iron lady." With a 2007 audience of more than 3.7 million people in China alone, iron.lady represents and signifies the strength, determination and ability of female gamers to compete at a professional level. More information available at


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