Zalman GS1000 Tower Case - Case Features, Specs and Closer Look

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Zalman GS1000 Tower Case
Case Features, Specs and Closer Look
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This case has a unique design and offers several features that are worth mentioning.  It comes with a pair of 120mm fans installed and has room for several more if you need more airflow than what is provided with the two low-rpm 120mm fans.

  • The GS1000 is designed for optimal airflow on both intake and exhaust.
  • Vented front HDD door allows cool air to enter helps cool the drives.
  • The ventilated floor panel helps cool the PSU and other components.
  • The top vent coupled with a 120mm fan are very effective in exhausting hot air.
  • The optional 120mm fan ports will allow additional fans to further enhance cooling performance.
  • Tool Free design allows for easy installation.
  • Rubber damper and hook system makes swapping out hard drives hassle free.
  • Tool-free installation for 5.25” devices.
  • Thumb screws for easy PCI card removal and installation.
  • The front panel HDD door uses a one-touch operation to open and close.
  • The hot swappable HDD bay allows for easy installation.
  • The input port cover door on the top of the case is designed with extra durable damper gear for a smooth swivel mechanism.
  • With multimedia power users in mind, USB, FireWire I/O, audio ports allow multimedia expansive applications.
  • The PSU bay has easy installation system that utilizes a rubber roller system that makes it easy for the heavy PSU to slide in and out. The rubber roller system also helps dampen vibration noise for reduction in overall noise.
  • With external liquid cooling systems in mind, the rear panel has rubberized ports for tubing.
  • Handles for easy side panel removal.
  • With choice of black or titanium for outer panels and the side panels utilizing anodization and hairline processes for a high quality finish.
  • The combination of the side panel aluminum with the rounded front gives the GS1000 an original look.
  • With cable routing integrated throughout the case, the GS1000 offers solutions for clean cable management.
  • With stability and design in mind, the GS1000’s feet are of form and function.
  • The PCI expansion slot is coated for durability and to prevent corrosion. Functional touches add an element of high quality design.
  • The 4 5.25” external bays come with 2 in 1 brackets, which allow both FDD and HDD to be installed.
  • The GS1000 supports up to 8 hard disks, 6 of which supports the hot swap module (3 are optional).
  • E-ATX, Standard ATX and Micro ATX are supported. +1000W PSU’s can be used.
  • A total of 7 PCI expansion slots are available.




Closer Look - Outside:

The front of the GS1000 is unique and has a nice look in my opinion.  The front bezel is made from plastic, but looks and feels quite solid.  The fronts of the drive bays have an aluminum insert that makes the front of the case look very classy.  To gain access to your Hard Drives, press the top of these sections and it will open with a soft-eject mechanism which drops the cover down slowly.  It looks very slick and works very well.

 HDD Bays
HDD Bays


The rear of the case isn't quite as impressive, but it is well-designed as well.  The PSU mounts in the bottom of the case and slides in or a pseudo-rail system that makes installation very easy.  The case is fitted with a 120mm exhaust fan and comes equipped with a couple of rubber grommets that allow for external water cooling solutions to be used.  You can also glimpse the side panel handles.  They are plastic and attach securely to the aluminum side panels making for easy removal.

Rear Of Case
Rear Of Case


The top of the case houses a pair of USB2.0 ports, a firewire port, and the standard headphone/microphone jacks.  They are concealed by a plastic cover that flips back and remains out of the way when open. The bottom of the case is well ventilated and allows for mounting a pair of 120mm fans in order to provide better airflow in the case.  My beef with these is that Zalman hasn't included a mesh filter in order to keep dust out of the case.

 Top Ports
Top Ports
Bottom Ventilation
Bottom Ventilation


On the next page we'll take a closer look at the inside of the GS1000.