Thermaltake MaxOrb CPU Cooler - Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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Thermaltake MaxOrb CPU Cooler Final Thoughts:

Thermaltake has set the bar pretty high for cooling products and in the case of a cooler like the Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX that we recently took a look at, they've got some pretty decent cooling solutions. In the case of the MaxOrb, I found myself a bit disappointed with the overall quality and performance of this cooler, and while it is by no means a bad cooler, it just falls short to other Thermaltake offerings. The performance of the MaxOrb is pretty good, and when compared to all the other coolers we've tested I'd say it was middle of the pack performance-wise, but it didn't really stand out either.

The MaxOrb is a little bit of smaller cooler in height (3.8 Inches) when compared to a cooler like the Big Typhoon VX (4.1 Inches) , or a cooler like the Thermaltake V1 (5.3 Inches), but due to the heatpipes the MaxOrb is a bit taller than some of the older Orb coolers in the past have been.

The manual fan control is a nice option for some, especially if you're the type who wants the cooler to be as quiet as possible and want it to always stay at the speed and volume. But if you're the type who wants to install your cooler and never have to look at it again, you're probably going to be more interested in a PWM fan that automatically adjusts speed based on temperature.

At the end of the day the MaxOrb is a decent cooler, however it just didn't impress me like most other Thermaltake cooling products have in the past. The MaxOrb is going to give you some decent temperatures and if you leave it on low fan speed it's also going to be pretty quiet for you, but if your wanting a bit more performance you'll probably jump up to a product like the Big Typhoon VX or a similar cooler for a bit more bang. The MaxOrb is by no means a bad choice as you're getting a nice cooler, but for the price there are quite a few other coolers (Including some from Thermaltake) that offer a bit more performance in the same price range.



  • Smaller Height then most Heatpipe Coolers
  • Easy Installation



  • Fins on Heatsink rather flimsy





I'd like to thank Thermaltake for sending us the MaxOrb . If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.