Samsung TS-H552U 16X DVD±RW - The Drive, Bundle and Software

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Samsung TS-H552U 16X DVD±RW
The Drive, Bundle and Software
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The Drive:

The drive from Samsung is part of their "Writemaster" series, and actually made by Toshiba.  The drive has a nice clean look to it.  The appropriate logo's are splayed on the bottom left of the front with the "Writemaster" trademark next to the single eject button on the right.  The button is the LED, and flashes a nice green when reading and writing.  Notice that there is an emergency eject hole below the tray as well.  Let's hope that we don't have to use that.

The back of this unit shows much the same as other DVDRW drives on the market.  There are digital and analog audio connectors, a jumper block, the ide connector and molex for power.  Unlike some other 16X DVDRW drives, there is no vent to allow passive cooling on this unit.  Hopefully Samsung has a drive here that doesn't get too hot.  Time will tell.

The Bundle:

The bundle included with the drive is a wee more bare than I'm used to.  Don't get me wrong, it is fairly complete, but Samsung doesn't ship any media with the drive.  The drive ships with the Nero Software CD, which includes a user guide.  You also get an IDE cable, 4 screws, an audio cable and a quick setup guide.  It's enough, but Samsung could ship a 16x capable disk with the drive.

Samsung has chosen wisely when it comes to the software bundle featured with the TS-H552U.  They have included Nero 6.3 and the entire Ahead Software Suite that goes along with it.  This software will be familiar to many of you and shouldn't require any extra learning.  Obviously you are able to download Nero Updates and keep your software up to date.

Another utility that Samsung recommends for this drive, although not on the CD is their MagicSpeed utility.  This utility allows you to slow down the drive to reduce vibration and noise.  I found this drive to be quiet enough without the MagicSpeed utility, but if you strive for silence, it is available at


The one beef I have with their bundle is the lack of paper manual.  I don't mind electronic manuals or PDF manuals - if they work, but this one had some issues.  When you go to read the "Users Guide" you are met with this screen.  Now common logic would denote that if you click the English button you will view the English manual right?  Not so much.

When you click the English button, you are taken to a webpage that really has nothing to do with Samsung, and certainly nothing to do with the TS-H552U.  I'm not sure, but Merck seems to have hijacked the English user manual!  In order to view the English manual, you have to choose a different language, then use the drop down on that page to choose English.  Most people won't be using the manual, but for those people who would, this would probably loose them.

Now that we've covered the drive and the bundle, let's head on over and take a look at the test setup, some testing information, and the drives media compatibility.