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Evercool Transformer 6 CPU Cooler
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Product(s): Evercool Transformer 6 CPU Cooler
Provided By: Evercool



It's always very interesting to get a new cooler from a company that you've never tried before, and today I get the chance to take a look at the Evercool Transformer 6. Now, Evercool isn't a new company by any means, and they've been around since 1992 and are based in Taiwan, we've just never had one of their coolers on the test bench here at BCCHardware.

The Transformer 6 is a heatpipe based cooler (Uses 6 Heatpipes), that is going to look pretty flashy and unique in your case. This cooler has a very neat design, and I'm looking forward to seeing how that affects its cooling performance, let's get to the review...


First Impressions:

Couple of things popped into my head when taking this cooler out of the box. First, this is a big cooler; second, this is a pretty shiny cooler. As you can see in the pictures the Transformer 6 has a very different design, which is always nice since quite a few heatpipe coolers on the market look very similar to each other.


boxfront .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Box Front
boxback .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Box Back
side3 .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Top View
side .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Side View


As you can see in the pictures, this cooler has a unique design with the heatpipes that gives it a very unique look compared to other heatpipe coolers.

side4 .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Side View
side2 .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Side View
top .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Top View
bottom .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Bottom View


As you'll see below, the Transformer 6 comes with a speed control unit, which is a button that lets you toggle between High (1800 RPM) and Low (1200 RPM). This is a bit different of a controller, since most let you fine-tune your fan speed, but I sort of like the idea of a button with 2 options, high or low (most people either run their fans at full or minimum anyways).

Also in the accessories picture you'll notice the silver bag (contains the thermal paste), the folks at Evercool send a tube of thermal paste with the Transformer 6, so hopefully you should have enough for a couple applications.

speed .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Speed Control Adaptor
accessories .jpg
Evercool Transformer 6 - Accessories


Well, that's what the Transformer 6 looks like; let's move onto the next section...