Samsung Wireless CLP-315W Printer - Testing the CLP-315W and Final Thoughts

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Testing the CLP-315W and Final Thoughts

General Testing:

Much like the CLP-300 we reviewed back in February of 2007, the CLP-315W claims 17ppm print speeds when printing black and up to 4ppm when printing color documents and pictures.  As usual, we broke out the stopwatch to verify these print speeds and found the printer to be pretty much bang on.  In order to achieve these print speeds, you have to forgive and forget the "first page out" time.  On black documents, the first page arrives in about 11 seconds, and when printing color documents, we see the first page come out right around the 27 second mark.  These are close to what Samsung rates the FPO speed and are pretty quick when compared to my older and much larger CLP-600N.

 Print Speed Chart

Like every other Samsung laser printer I've tested, the black quality of this printer is fantastic and black text appears very sharp, crisp and wonderful.  We printed out several test pages with various font sizes from 72 point fonts all the way down to 6 point fonts.  All of these were very clear with none of the edge bleeding that you can see on ink-jet printers.  Color text was equally impressive.  We printed Red, Blue, Green and Yellow text with the same text settings as when we printed black.  All of the text color was reproduced accurately and the improvement is quite obvious when compared to the CLP-300 that we tested back in the day.  (Yes, I still have the print output to compare).

We printed some color graphics and color photos with the CLP-315W as well.  Most laser printers print graphics exceptionally well, and the CLP-315W was no different.  Color graphics were very clean and looked great.  Color photos looked a bit washed out when compared to an inkjet printer, but the quality was still very acceptable.  Pictures looked quite good for a laser printer, but are still not framing quality due to some color banding/blending.

Samsung claims that this printer is quiet - less than 47dBA quiet when printing black and under 45dBA when printing color.  We used our trusty SPL meter and measured the noise at 1m.  During both black and color printing, the maximum noise from this printer topped just under 58dBA, with most of the sound actually coming from the paper as it was fed into the output tray.  In comparison, my CLP-600N reaches a maximum 65dBA when printing the same job.  The CLP-315W is quiet, but it might wake a baby if it's located by the crib.



I'm very happy to see that the CLP-315W addresses some of the color quality issues that we saw with the CLP-300 while keeping a nice tidy footprint and the noise to an acceptable level.  The CLP-315W looks great and backs up its looks with solid performance, excellent connectivity and high quality printing.  It lives up to the advertised print speeds and while quite slow on color documents, it does actually live up to its specs.  I'm impressed with the multi-platform support as we had no issues under Windows XP, Vista or Ubuntu and all machines were able to connect and print to the printer over both wired and wireless networks equally well.  Print speed is not dependent upon the connection and no matter whether we hooked it up by either network connection, or by USB2.0, print speeds remained constant.

I'd still love to see a duplex feature in these smaller printers, but you can't have everything - especially for under $200.



  • Affordable color laser
  • Wireless and wired network connectivity
  • Fast on black text
  • Nice small footprint
  • Quiet when compared to other printers 
  • Good color quality



  • No duplex printing option
  • 150 sheet tray is a little small - one print job could empty it in less than 9 minutes.




Top Pick

I'd like to thank Samsung Canada for sending the CLP-315W our way.  It has been interesting to review as it's been a long time since we looked at a printer.  If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear them at the Comments link below.