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Product(s): Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler
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If my math is correct, 2 is greater than 1, so in theory 2 Thermaltake Orb CPU Coolers should be better than 1 Thermaltake Orb CPU Coolers.....Right? Today we set out to try and answer this question for you.

By now most of you have probably used, or at least heard of, the Thermaltake Orb series of CPU Coolers, and today we are going to look at the next in line for the Orb series, the DuOrb. From the name you can probably guess that this cooler is 2 "Orbs" put together for even more cooling fun. Much like the SuperOrb from many years ago where the two fans were placed on top of each other, the DuOrb is two fans placed side by side. If anyone out there remembers the SuperOrb (Which ran at an impressive and noisy 5000 RPM), the new DuOrb runs at a much more "ear-pleasing" 2000 RPM, so now you'll be able to hear yourself think while your computer is on.


First Impressions:

I've had the chance to take a look at quite a few Thermaltake coolers over the past year or so, and while quite a few of them have the "Orb" shape, the DuOrb was one of the coolers that caught my attention due to its unique shape and design. Not many cooling companies are producing coolers with 2 fans anymore, so it will be interesting to see if the DuOrb can keep up with them (or possibly even outperform single fan coolers).

At first glance the DuOrb is a bit smaller than I was expecting, after looking at the MaxOrb (Reviewed Here), I was almost expecting it to be the size of two MaxOrb's, but thankfully it is not, and even though it features two fans, it still easily fits into most cases and is even lower profile that most tower coolers on the market. The build quality is also excellent, the fins are sturdy enough to take some abuse, and overall it feels like it's very well built.

Let's move onto a closer look at the Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler.


front .jpg
Thermaltake DuOrb - Box (Front)
back .jpg
Thermaltake DuOrb - Box (Back)

top .jpg
Thermaltake DuOrb - Top View
bottom .jpg
Thermaltake DuOrb - Bottom View


The accessories that come with the DuOrb are pretty standard (Pictured Below, Left). You get all the mounting hardware you need for LGA775 (Intel) and AM2 (AMD) processors.

side .jpg
Thermaltake DuOrb - Side View
accessories .jpg
Thermaltake DuOrb - Accessories

side2 .jpg
Thermaltake DuOrb - Side View
side3 .jpg
Thermaltake DuOrb - Side View


So there we go, that's what the DuOrb is all about, let's move onto the specifications....