Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP CPU Cooler

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Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP CPU Cooler
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Product(s): Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP CPU Cooler
Provided By: Arctic Cooling

Price: $28.95 MSRP


Arctic Cooling is a pretty popular name in the world of cooling, and over the years they've made some very good products, so hopefully today with the Freezer 7 LP on the bench we won't be disappointed.  The Freezer 7 LP is a low profile cooler that is built for the Intel LGA775 CPU, and supports CPU's up to 95 Watts.  Let's see how this cooler stacks up....


First Impressions:

I haven't had a chance to get too many low profile coolers on the bench, but when comparing the Freezer 7 LP to the others I've personally reviewed, I'd have to say this is a pretty sturdy cooler and looks pretty standard for a low profile cooler.  As you can see in the pictures below, the Freezer 7 LP comes pre-applied with Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal paste.

Top View
Side View

heatsink .jpg
Bottom Profile
heatsink4 .jpg
Bottom View


There isn't a whole lot to see with this cooler, pretty standard everything. I'll go into much more details and provide a bunch more pictures in the "Installation" section.

fan .jpg
80mm Low Profile Fan
accessories .jpg


Not much else to see, let's move onto the next section: