BCCHardware @ CES 2009 - Samsung Press Conference

CES hasn't officially started yet in it's full capacity, but today was the official "Press Day" and "Microsoft Keynote", and we were there. I'll be highlighting the Samsung press conference, where Samsung showed off their newest offerings. I'll cover the big announcements that were highlighted during the press conference.

A big announcement was the Yahoo/Samsung collaboration that will see Yahoo's Widget engine brought to Samsung's line of TV's and a quick demo was presented which looked very promising. From the demo it looked very simple to use and adds a lot of functionality (email, stock quotes, weather, etc.) to your TV set and if you've ever used Yahoo Widgets you'll probably be very interested in seeing this in action in the future.

Samsung Press Conference - Yahoo/Samsung Collaboration


Samsung quickly touched on their new 3D monitor (2233RZ) which when combined with their 3D glasses will offer a 3D experience, there wasn't a demo so I can't say how good it is, we'll see if they've got a working demo available at their booth later in the week

DSC_0046.JPG .
Samsung Press Conference - 3D Monitor (2233RZ)

Another new product highlighted was the new HT-BD8200 soundbar for your home theatre that will offer a virtual 5.1 experience. They boasted a very quick and easy installation of this product.

Samsung Press Conference - Digital Soundbar (BD-P4600)

Also announced was the new Samsung SSD Camcorder (HMX-H106) 64GB Solid State Drive camcorder. This is the world's largest SSD camcorder that can record 12 hours of full HD video.

Samsung Press Conference - 64GB SSD Camcorder (HMX-H106)

One of the bigger announcements from Samsung was their newest Blu-Ray player (BD-P4600). Big features include wireless networking and access to content on demand services as well as the world's fastest eject time (can eject a disc in 1 second).

Samsung Press Conference - New Blu-Ray Player (BD-P4600)

Probably the biggest part of the press conference was devoted to Samsung's new line of LED TV's (LED 6000, LED 7000, LED 8000). Aside from the benefits of LED technology over LCD technology, all of Samsung's new LED TV's are all Mercury and Lead free, which are promoted as being "Green" TV's that are environmentally friendly. Even though the show hasn't even started, we've already seen a theme from most of the companies we've had meetings with making a big effort to be more "Green" and environmentally friendly, which seems to be a big selling feature this year at CES.

Samsung Press Conference - LED 7000 TV

The LED line of TV's are very thin (under 2 inches think) and features a new mounting system that is only 0.6 inches thick and when mounted on the wall only sticks out 2.6 inches including the TV and mount, which is pretty impressive.

Samsung Press Conference - Samsung LED TV

Well thats about it for Day 0 (Press Day). Tomorrow marks the official start of CES 2009 and things will start to get much busier for us, stay tuned for that.