BCCHardware @ CES 2009 - Viewsonic and iBuyPower

Day 2 has come and gone at CES 2009, and now the show is officially half over. My day 2 coverage will include highlights from our meetings withe iBuyPower and Viewsonic. Both companies gave us a demonstration of their newest releases, and both have a few new releases that show quite some promise for the future.


Viewsonic is a pretty major player in the LCD market, and have announced a new line of 120Hz 3D monitors, named FuHzion (Monitors can be used in 3D or 2D mode). These monitors do require the use of special glasses for use in 3D mode, and the quality is pretty decent. Unlike last year where a few different manufactures were demonstrating "prototypes" that were nowhere near ready to hit the market, Viewsonic's 3D offerings are going to be hitting store shelves very soon, and they are also going to by carrying MSRP's that will make them affordable (VX2265wm will have a MSRP of $399 for a 22 inch 3D Monitor). As you can see in the picture below, when looking at the monitor while in 3D mode without the special glasses, it looks all fuzzy, but once you put on the glasses the picture is very decent and adds a new dimension to games.

3D Display
Viewsonic FuHzion Monitor


Viewsonic also was showing of the new WPG-350 Wireless Projector Server that can stream 1080P video wirelessly across the network to your projector (or any device that you hook to it). In the past wireless projector servers were not able to handle video very well at all, and playing a movie over the wireless network was out of the questions, but the new WPG-350 has changed that and during our demonstration we were able to see full HD video streaming with no issues. The MSRP is unannounced as of yet, but is expected to be similar to the WPG-150 that is already available (You can check out our review over here).

WPG-350 Wireless Projector Server
Viewsonic WPG-350 Wireless Projector Server

Viewsonic also had on display their line of photo frames. One neat addition to their lineup was a photo frame that has a built-in AM-FM Radio and alarm clock built-in, which makes it handy for use on a desk or beside your bed.

Radio Photo Frame
Viewsonic Radio/Photo Frame

A new addition to the Viewsonic lineup is their XPack PC that mounts onto the back of any VESA capable monitor that they offer. This is a fully functioning PC based on the VIA Eden processor and can be hidden very easily behind the monitor. Viewsonic has traditionally been a display company, but with a couple of their newest announcements they are starting to venture into new markets.

ViewSonic XPack
Viewsonic XPack PC

Viewsonic was also showing off their new soon to be released VNB100 Netbook that will be based on the Intel Atom processor.

Viewsonic VNB100 Netbook

In addition to Viewsonic's new Netbook, they've also announced a new All-In-One PC that will also be based on the Intel Atom processor and will feature similar specs to their Netbook.

ViewSonic All-In-One PC
Viewsonic All-In-One PC


We had the chance to stop by iBuyPower and check out their newest line of PC's. iBuyPower has just released a couple new high end systems, the first of which is based on the new Intel i7 and features 2 of the newly released Nvidia GTX295 video cards. This is a pretty powerful system that is all packaged into a iBuyPower branded Silverstone case that gives the entire system a very nice look. The MSRP has not been finalized, but thanks to the cutting edge hardware will undoubtedly be aimed at the high-end gamer audience.

SilverStone Case
iBuyPower - Quad SLI Extreme

An interesting feature of the Silverstone case that iBuyPower is putting their Quad SLI Extreme system into is that the board is rotated inside the case, which means that the video cards will be vertical as you can see in the next picture.

Vertical Graphics Cards
iBuyPower - Quad SLI Extreme

iBuyPower also has released their new "Fusion" system that is based on the AMD Dragon platform. This system is packaged in a NZXT case that features a custom painted side panel with the whole AMD Dragon theme going on. The MSRP is going to be pretty affordable when compared to the Quad SLI Extreme, but will still pack quite a punch thanks to the new Phenom II processor and 4870 X2 combo.

PhenomII Fusion
iBuyPower - Fusion (AMD Dragon)

iBuyPower also demonstrated their "High-Power Video Encoding" system. While some of the final details are still being finalized, it will features the Nvidia Quadro CX workstation graphics and the Intel i7 processor, and will be able to handle High-Def video without much problem.

Video Editing
iBuyPower - High Power Video Encoding Machine

iBuyPower also was showing off a couple of their laptops that feature custom skins, in the picture below you can see one of their Warcraft themed laptops.

WarCraft Laptop
iBuyPower - Warcraft Laptop