BCCHardware @ CES 2009 - Thermaltake

Saturday was another full day at CES 2009, however due to Zeus' skilled booking it will be our last day at CES 2009. Sunday we are going to finish up our reports and jump on the plane back to Canada. CES has been a good time like usual and we covered a lot of miles and visited a ton of companies. One of our last visits was to Thermaltake, which always have new and interesting products on display every year.

Thermaltake really doesn't need much introduction, they are one of big names and just like previous years they were showing off a bunch of new products at CES 2009.

Thermaltake has released a couple new coolers, the V14 Pro (which is an improvment on the V1, and a little bigger), as well as the SORB GPU Cooler.

V14 Pro - AX
Thermaltake V14 Pro CPU Cooler

Sorb - GPU Cooler
Thermaltake Sorb GPU Cooler

Also in the cooling department, Thermaltake has released the Xpresser Triple Bay cooler which features refrigeration cooling system, and was running temperatures well below room temperature (~0 Celsius) on the demo machine. This item is geared more for the high-end user, but with performance like that I can see this being on a lot of enthusiasts wish lists.

Xpressar Triple Bay
Thermaltake Xpressar Triple Bay Cooler (Front View)

Xpressar Cooling
Thermaltake Xpressar Triple Bay Cooler (Side View)

Thermaltake also was showing off their Xaser 6 case with the Xpressar system built into the case with solid copper pipes used to cool the CPU. Due to the rigid design of the pipes you are limited to specific motherboards.

Solid Copper Cooling
Thermaltake Xaser 6 Case w/ Built-in Xpressar Cooling System

There are a couple new power supply items, that are additions to the Toughpower line, these are the 1000 and 1200 Watt Toughpower XT models which feature new indicator lights on the side so you can tell if your power supply is overheating. Also in the second picture you can see Thermaltake's new universal laptop PSU.

BigTough Power XT
Thermaltake Toughpower XT 1000 and 1200 Watt Power Supplies

Laptop PSU
Thermaltake Universal Laptop PSU

It wouldn't be a visit to Thermaltake without seeing their new cases, and they didn't disappoint. There were a couple new models being shown off as you can see in the pictures below.

Spedo Case
Thermaltake Speedo Case

DH103 - DH104
Thermaltake DH103 and DH104 HTPC Cases

Thermaltake DH202 HTPC Case