BCCHardware @ CES 2009 - Zalman and Thrustmaster

The end of CES is nigh and we have definitely had a good year, we met with some big companies as well as the little guys, and overall had a good experience with some innovation and improvements on previous products. I just have a couple last companies I want to touch on briefly here.


Hybrid Cooler


Zalman had a pretty small booth this year, actually it wasn't a booth it was a private suite that we went to see. They had some improved products; the CNPS 9900 was on display which has a blue ring of light and a plastic cover between two circles of heat spreaders so fingers don't intrude.



ZM-MFC3 - In Action


Also they have version three of their fan controller which has done quite well for them but they have fixed a viewing angle problem on the LCD and moved a button to provide more ease of access. As well they have some extreme gaming PSUs this year with odd numbers of 660 and 770 watts which I found quite odd.



Magnetic Joystick



One fairly new company that we saw this year was Thrustmaster and Hercules; they actually have a few places even up here in Canada that distribute their products. That said they have a few Gaming controllers that they make, first and foremost was their Magnetic Joystick, it (as the name implies) uses magnetic positioning rather than optical. So its quite a bit more precise than regular joysticks, it has all the features, tons of buttons, throttle, the whole bit, and for 50$ MSRP it isn't bad. I almost feel sorry for the suckers who paid 100$+ for their super high end not so long ago.



Ferrari Joystick



They also had a force feedback gaming Ferrari gaming wheel on display with pedals. They were weighted nicely so that when you slam on the brakes quickly the pedals don't fly out from underneath. It retails for approximately 180$ retail here in Canada, which is still quite expensive for a steering wheel. Also a company named Hercules was combined in the same booth and had a few speakers up for display. You can take a look at some pictures in our gallery here.