Ikonik Zaria A20 Case With SIM - First Impressions and Closer Look

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Ikonik Zaria A20 Case With SIM
First Impressions and Closer Look
Software and Testing The Ikonik

First Impressions/Thoughts:

The very first thing I saw when I opened the box was a driver CD, now I don't know about you but I have never seen any case that comes with drivers. Most of the time a paper manual would be on the top or possibly a bag of screws but this is the first time that a driver would be included with the case.  Along with the CD were the usual screws, cable management, a small paper manual and some temperature probes.

 Case Accessories
Case Accessories


I am very impressed with the top of the case, what Ikonik did was take an Ikonik name branded rubber plate with a magnet and placed it on top of the I/O panel. This plate can be removed at will fairly easily or could be left there while units are connected which then prevents dust from entering the ports.

 Case Top I/O
Case Top I/O


The rage in cases today seems to be doors, for some weird reason they seem to be found "cool" even though they are used throughout the day regularly. I would think by now they would be getting a little boring. Even in most science fiction films, doors are replaced by automatic ones or even force fields.

Case Power Button

Something I was not very impressed with was the power button on the front of the case, it wasn’t a regular button, but it was very similar in both size and consistency as a sewing pedal. Being on the bottom of the case, this 4”x4” button is a danger to being kicked or pushed accidentally. Luckily, Ikonik provided the option to have only one connected at a time.  

One thing that impressed me was that the side of the case, had an option of either having a window or a metal mesh, it is really nice so that when you want cooling, the mesh is good but then looks is an option available at the same time.

Case Inside


The case also have a tool-less design; there is a metal bar for the card slots, sliders for the drives, and even rubber grommets to keep PSU vibrations down to a minimum.  There are also 2 side fans that came in the case in the top middle of the case, these fans I fear are somewhat ineffective due to the massive amount of PSU cables that plague most systems in this day in age.