NZXT Zero 2 Case - The Zero Sequel - First Thoughts and Impressions

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NZXT Zero 2 Case - The Zero Sequel
First Thoughts and Impressions
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First Thoughts/Impressions:

Since I didn’t get a chance to take a look at the original Zero case I don’t know exactly what has changed between the two, however the Zero 2 looks like a pretty slick case. It is all black and it is really a massive case, it is even bigger than the Whisper case.


Case I/O Panel

The I/O panel is on the top and flat to the side, and unlike the Ikonik Zaria A20 case there is no cover for it, I’m concerned about a lot of dust getting into there and messing up the connections, thankfully I haven’t had any problems so far but over an extended period of time who knows what could happen with that.


I am quite impressed with the cooling options in this case, although it may be quite loud, there is an option to have an extra four 80 mm fans on the side of the case and 1 on the bottom and top, in addition to the 2 that are already on the back and the single one in the front.



The Zero 2 provides a full set of accessories, due to the tool-less design of the case, rails were provided for the optical drives and hard drives. The cool thing about this case is that the optical drive rails actually go in from the front and have holes so that the drives are removed very easily from the front, this is definitely a nice feature especially for techs who swap things a lot.