NZXT Zero 2 Case - The Zero Sequel - Installation and Performance

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NZXT Zero 2 Case - The Zero Sequel
First Thoughts and Impressions
Installation and Performance


I was very happy to be working inside this case, with a very large inside and excellent cable management it was easy to work with. There is a couple inches worth of head room between the top of the Motherboard and PSU. And a “canal” type deal in that area to put extra cables.

Screwdriver Holes


Putting the motherboard in however, i encountered a problem, my mother board had 10 mounting screws and i was missing one mount in the case accessories box. I was able to swipe an extra one from my regular case bundle but normally that is a pretty easy and cheap thing to include.


Case Full Installation


Computer Installed




 Fatal1ty Cooling Zero 2 Cooling


According to the data the video card didn't do so well in this system, probably being closer to the bottom of the case helped this. Otherwise cooling was okay, not the best, but the CPU had lots of head room to release its heat.



I would recommend this case to anyone; although it seems to be a super chassis (really big) it has good cable management, good airflow and lots of fan options. While cooling didn't seem to be as impressive as others it was also cooled with stock cooling fans and had 4 optional fans on the side left out of the picture. Although I have seen cases for the same amount of money with more features, albeit different ones, this case can be found for under $100 at time of writing which isn't bad for a high end case like this one.


I'd like to thank NZXT for dropping the Zero 2 case our way for a review.  If you have any comments, questions or general feedback, please post it in the forum at the "Comments" link below.