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Live Question and Wrapup at CoolIT

CoolIT Systems - Wrapup:

Live Q: What have you done to fix your leaky pumps?

A: We've walked away from our previous pump as in some applications it was too big, and other applications was too small.  Instead we now use two new pumps - the CFF1 (Compact Form Factor #1) - most people would know it as the "Domino pump".  It uses a standard power connector as well as a temperature sensor built-in.  It's life-rated at over 55,000 hours - in fact both the CFF1 and the HFV5 (based off the D5 pump from Lang)...are rated with long life at 55°C.  This makes both of these pumps the longest rated pumps on the market.  We look forward to never having a pump discussion again.


Q: Flow rate vs radiator performance?

A: Flow rate is a bit of a joke, as flow rate is a curve.  Free-flow on the Domino pump is about 2 liters/minute, but when in application on the Domino we see about 1.2 liters/minute.  It comes down to that volume flow compared to the hydraulic diameter of the liquid blow.  The velocity of the liquid as it goes past the heat exchanger surface is really what matters.  Flow rate overall is extremely irrelevant.  We use micro channels in our blocks so that the liquid is flowing quickly past the block.


Q: Have the ideas behind flow rate changed as waterblocks are designed differently?  Perhaps old designs required higher flow rates.

A:  There are a lot of advancements have taken place.  The ability to purpose-design a waterblock is universal.  We now can place the micro channels on top of the hottest part of the CPU die to increase cooling.  There is really no advantage of having fins or pins on anything other than where the heat is specifically.  The engineering that is required is pretty specific.  Larger pins/fins in a block really do take advantage of systems with greater flow rate.


If you want more information about CoolIT Systems, please head on over to their website for more details.  If you have any questions for Geoff Lyon or any of the other people over at CoolIT, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below and we'll make sure they take some time to field your questions.