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Product(s): Thermolab Baram Heatsink
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It's been a while since I've had a Thermolab cooler on the bench, but today we are going to take the Thermolab Baram for a spin and see how it does. This heatsink is shipped without a fan, so you're going to want to go find a nice 120mm fan to strap on it for optimal cooling. For our testing we are pairing the Baram with the Noctua NH-P12 120mm Fan (Reviewed Here). This fan will cost you ~$20.00 CDN online.

The last coolers we looked at from Thermolab were the Thermolab Nano Silencer (Reviewed Here), and the Thermolab Micro Silencer (Reviewed Here). Neither cooler broke any records for cooling; however they were both very affordable low profile coolers that got the job done. Thermolab isn't known for having big fancy coolers with flashing lights, they have become known for making a cooler that gets the job done and doesn't cost you a fortune.

Let's take a closer look at the Baram and see what it's all about...


First Impressions:

Right out of the box I was impressed how sturdy of a heatsink the Baram was, some tower heatpipe coolers can be pretty flimsy (especially the fins), however the Baram seems to be very well built. The design is pretty standard compared to other heatpipe coolers with a couple exceptions thanks to the unique fin design.

cooler2 .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Side View

cooler .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Side View


top3 .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Side View

top2 .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Top View


top4 .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Top View

base .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Bottom View


Just like the other Thermolab products we're taken a look at, the packaging is very simple and comes in a plain cardboard box.


boxside .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Box (Side)

base2 .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Side View


boxinside .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Box (Open)

boxfront .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Box (Top)


Accessories are pretty standard, and include enough mounting brackets to strap 2 120mm fans onto the Baram. Both Intel and AMD installations require a bracket on the back of the motherboard. Thermolab has also included a tube of thermal paste and you should have enough for a couple installations quite easily.

contents .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Accessories

accessories .jpg
Thermolab Baram - Accessories

Well, that's what the Baram is all about; let's see how it performs...