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Thermolab Baram Heatsink Final Thoughts:

The last couple products we reviewed from Thermolab haven't performed all that great, but the Baram is a different story. This heatsink performs well, even when cooling the AMD X4 9950 that kicks out 140 watts of heat, and under full load lowered our temperatures at least 10 degress Celsius from stock cooling. The Baram isn't a flashy cooler, it doesn't have lights or any gimmicks (even the box isn't flashy), but it gets the job done.

The installation on both AM2 and Intel LGA 775 systems was pretty straightforward, both platforms require you to remove your motherboard, but you should have no troubles getting this heatsink installed on either.

I don't have any major complains about the Baram. This cooler isn't a "cheap" cooler, as the heatsink alone is going to run you ~$50.00 USD online, and then when you strap on a nice 120mm fan (The Noctua fan we used is ~$15.00 USD) you are going to be in the $60-$70 dollar range, which makes it one of the more expensive air coolers.

At the end of the day I'm very happy with the Baram heatsink, and once you combine this heatsink with a nice 120mm fan of your choice you'll have a very nice cooling solution that will be both quiet and reliable. The Thermolab Baram has earned our "Top Pick" award thanks to its good performance and high quality construction. If you're looking for a new cooler, you'll want to check out the Thermolab Baram.



  • Good Performance
  • High Quality Construction



  • Nothing Major



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I'd like to thank Thermolab for sending us the Baram. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.