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Product(s): Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro CPU Cooler
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Today we've got a unique cooler on the bench, the Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro.

If bigger is better, then the BigTyp14Pro is in a class of its own thanks to its massive 14cm fan that is strapped on it. The BigTyp14Pro is a "Bigger and Better" version of the Big Typhoon cooler line that Thermaltake sells (You can read our review of the Big Typhoon VX over here). The original Big Typhoon has a 12 cm fan, which is still a pretty big fan compared to other coolers on the market, but the BigTyp14Pro takes it to the next level with it's 14cm fan.

Is this a case of bigger being better? Or is the BigTyp14Pro just unnecessary? Hopefully by the end of this review we can find an answer to this question.

First Impressions:

Well the first thing your going notice about the BigTyp14Pro is its massive size, I used to think a cooler like the Big Typhoon VX was massive, but the BigTyp14Pro has taken that crown now. The 14cm fan is huge, and one would assume that a fan that big probably isn't going to have to spin all that fast to keep your CPU nice and cool.

boxfront .jpg
Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro - Box (Front)
boxback .jpg
Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro - Box (Back)

An interesting fact about the BigTyp14Pro's fan is that its user adjustable from 1000-1600 RPM (original Big Typhoon VX's 12cm fan is adjustable from 1300-2000 RPM), what I found interesting is that the BigTyp14Pro can produce a max of 85.76 CFM of airflow @ 1600 RPM, while the Big Typhoon VX produces 86.5 CFM of airflow @ 2000 RPM, so basically the fan on the BigTyp14Pro and Big Typhoon VX are producing the same amount of airflow, the BigTyp14Pro is just producing it at a lower RPM. According to the specs provided off Thermaltake's website, the BigTyp14Pro's noise level is going to be 16 dBA ~ 24 dBA, and the Big Typhoon VX is also 16 dBA ~ 24 dBA, which makes you scratch your head a little as to what the purpose of having a bigger fan is due to the fact that both the BigTyp14Pro and Big Typhoon VX produce approximately the same airflow at the same noise level. Due to the larger area of the aluminum fins on the top of the cooler a 14cm fan makes more sense, I was just a little surprised that both the 12cm and 14cm fans of the BigTyp14Pro and Big Typhoon VX have almost identical specs.


sideview .jpg
Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro - Side View
topview .jpg
Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro - Top View


The BigTyp14Pro is undoubtedly bigger than the Big Typhoon VX, however the BigTyp14Pro (800g) is 22g lighter than the Big Typhoon VX (822g). Not that 22g is really a big deal, I just thought the bigger BigTyp14Pro would probably weigh a fair deal more than the Big Typhoon VX when in reality the opposite is true.


bottomview .jpg
Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro - Bottom View
sideview3 .jpg
Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro - Side View

As far as height goes, the original Big Typhoon VX is 103mm high, while the new BigTyp14Pro is 128mm high. Both coolers are going to have issues fitting into smaller cases, but even at 128mm the BigTyp14Pro will probably still fit into most mid and full sized cases, however before you go to the store and bring either one back you might want to double check the room you have so you don't end up being disappointed when your cooler won't fit in your case (or the door on your case will no longer close).

The width and length of the BigTyp14Pro is 156mm (L) and 155cm (W), compared to the Big Typhoon VX which is 120mm (L) x 120mm (W), so once again you might want to do some extra measuring of your case before going and picking up the BigTyp14Pro just to make sure its all going to fit like its supposed to.


sideview2 .jpg
Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro - Side View
clips .jpg
Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro - Accessories