Samsung P3 Media Player - Features and Specifications

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Samsung P3 Media Player
Features and Specifications
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When I turned on the P3 I noticed that it made sound as well as vibrates. I viewed through the menu, and found that it had many features that it came with. Some are what you do expect such as music, video, pictures, FM Radio, voice recording, and your settings obviously and a clock as well.  With it being a digital media player it makes sense to have those. Some different features that are on there are text viewer, games, memos, file browser, an address book, a calculator, an alarm clock, world clock, flash player, data cast, calendar, a subway map, a mini slide show window, and last but not least Bluetooth! With all that mentioned we’ll explain a few things about these features shortly as you read on.  Before we get into that though, let's take a look at the specifications of this unit.