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Like any other music menu it’s got the usual stuff u would normally find. You’ve got your artist, albums, songs, genres, your playlists, recorded files, and a playing now feature. The now playing feature will show what has been playing last. Touch the Artist title and you’ve got your favorite artists listed, if you touch the All title it will show you all of your artists with the album cover, name of song and artist. If you touch the artist you want to listen to you it gives you the name of the CD and the artist name with the album cover.

The Album’s title isn’t much different, if you touch the bottom right corner you can view the albums in 3 different views, up close where you just swipe your finger across the screen to view the next album, in a list where it shows the album cover and name, or again in a list view but a little closer with the album cover, name and artist.

The songs are listed alphabetical order showing the song names and it’s a simple touch n’ play deal. Genres on the other hand, will show you different types of music you have on your digital media player, and are sorted into categories eg. Country, pop, rock, etc. Touch on the genre you want and it takes you to the artist of that’s listed and once you pick the artist it gives you the album of the artist you want to listen to.

You can have up to at least 5 playlists under the playlists title, simply just touch playlist then once you’re in you can pick a playlist. Once you’ve done that touch the plus sign to add songs to the playlist. You also notice there’s a recorded files title and a music browser. The recorded files will show voice recordings you’ve recorded and even FM radio recordings to play as well. Music Browser lets you browse through your music.



After a listen and look through music Samsung has also included a pictures feature! Although most of you may think that’s nothing new - a lot of media players these days usually do.  I thought the same thing as well. Pictures are nice to have and view and I like them as much as the next guy loves taking them. Why have them stuck on your camera card or your computer when you can take them anywhere you go and show them to your buddies? Let’s see what’s so amazing about the pictures icon.

The Samsung P3 allows you to load pictures/images from your computer onto the media player when you hook up your handy dandy USB cord to your computer. Something rather interesting that I never thought a media player could do was take/capture a picture from a video on the P3 which I thought was interesting. There was a separate folder for that and this keeps them from being combined with any that you’ve loaded from your computer. All the pictures can be used for skins/backgrounds, I’ve noticed whatever picture you use for a background it will store them in a folder. If you touch the photo of your choice it will appear full screen, touch the screen again arrows appear that allows you to move to the next picture. You can also slide your finger across the screen without using the arrows. When you do touch the screen for the second time you are able to zoom in with the zoom in icon to the bottom right.  To the left of the zoom icon in the middle, is a mini menu that pulls up and gives some choices to view your pictures, such as slideshow mode, rotating them, slideshow speed, setting that picture as your skin background and booting image.



The text feature on the P3 is a neat feature to have. You’re able to view written work that you’ve written and load it to the P3. With that being said, you’re able to view your written work in a few ways. The P3 will read your text to you while your reading (text to speech), or you can read it yourself if you don’t want it read to you. It’s great for those that are either hearing impaired or reading illiterate! In TTS viewing the words are highlighted helps knowing where you are if you get lost in what you’re reading or what has been said. Samsung allows you to change the background and text color, your able to book mark your favorite texts, change the play speed and can view it either horizontal or vertical. In text mode you are allowed to change the size of the text for easy viewing if you’re not a fan of small print. Whether it’s viewed vertical or horizontal to go to the next page like you may know by now slide your finger across the screen and what’s cool about it is the P3 flips pages like a book!  Think of it as the Kindle-nano.


FM Radio:

FM Radio on any device is no different from any other mp3 players, iPods or even the Zune when it comes to finding a clear signal connection to listen to your favorite station. They aren’t clear unless you’re close to the area of the station you're trying to listen to. What is interesting though if you have 5 or more different radio stations you like listening to then no need to scroll through the whole channel list. The P3 allows you to bookmark your stations called presets. You can hold up to 30 presets.  Search up a station in manual mode and when you like what you hear go to your mini menu and add to presets. An interesting thing that I’ve never heard of on a music device is that you can change the FM region to fit the signal. The P3 has FM Region station settings for world wide, USA, Korea and Japan. If you’re in those parts of the world you could tune in to some interesting stuff in your travels.


Subway Maps:

When I came across this feature I thought "that’s cool and weird at the same time." You're able to find subways all over the world! And I’m not talking about food, although it would be rather cool to put in a Pizza Hut map in.  I’m talking about subway train stations. You can find subway trains listed in America, Europe and Asia/Oceania. Choose a country such as North America, and it will give you the cities that are in North America, touch the city you want such as Vancouver and it will give you a map showing you different locations in the city of Vancouver the subway train will stop at. Touch the screen when in map mode and you can go up close and there you can view the stations closer. With that being said you are able to see a picture of a building of some sort, touch that and it gives you some information about that tourist attraction!



Memos, memos, memos! Where would we be if we didn’t write down those important memos such as our doctor appointments, work meetings, parties/events or for some a hot date to remember. Whatever it may be Samsung made sure of keeping your brain posted. The memos icon is simple and easy to navigate around. Once you’re in on the memo you can do 1 of 3 things, you can view a memo, delete an old memo or make a new one. Touch the plus sign to make a new memo, if your fan of texting then you won’t have any trouble taking a note because it’s similar to that. Once written its listed and ready to view. If you’re done with it or just plain don’t need it, touch the trashcan to can it.