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YUBZ Magnum Bluetooth Speakers
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Product: YUBZ Magnum Bluetooth Speakers
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More and more devices have Stereo Bluetooth support and this makes products like Bluetooth stereo headphones and stereo speakers more popular.  We've look at a few stereo Bluetooth products in the past including the Jabra BT620s Headphones/Headset as well as the BlueAnt M1 Speakers.   Today we are looking at a product from YUBZ that has all the features of a Bluetooth hands-free kit and throws in some stereo audio capability as well.  The Magnum speakers work with non-Bluetooth devices as well.

 Yubz Box
Magnum Box

About YUBZ:

It was our own Jason "Fujitsu" Schneider that pointed out that YUBZ was more of an acronym that an actual name, and this prompted some more research into this company.  Before we go any farther, please keep in mind that YUBZ has nothing to do with the Ewok word Yubnub (meaning freedom).

The information below has been pulled from the About Us page, and you should really take a look at the page for their corporate artwork.  It's pretty classic.

YUBZ (Why You Busy?) is on a mission to design something unique and functional for busy people like you and me. Our goal is to help people enjoy every moment of their lives by making everyday necessities attractive, fun and useful. Life is too short, don't let everyday mundane routines bore your again!

YUBZ started working on novelty ideas back in the year 2000, our design team shares a common dedication to provide design, innovation and fun to daily products we often take for granted. Our goal is to enrich your lifestyle by pushing common products to evolve beyond its initial function.

With mobile phone design and styles changing at breakneck pace these days, people have forgotten what it was like to have a real phone conversation with traditional handsets that were designed with comfort and health in mind. Luckily the YUBZ team has not forgotten, so by giving homage to this historical time proven design, the YUBZ headset was born - a unique product that comes in several models which can connect to mobile phones, Bluetooth paring with mobile phones, and USB ports for laptops (for internet based communication). Timeless, functional, comfortable and a pure joy to use!

We Care For Your Health:
Experts have sited frequent use of mobile phones can have various negative health effects to the brain. Using handsets like the YUBZ TALK can keep your head at a distance from your phone as well as having the benefit of additional comfort. Why take the risk? And why not have fun at the same time!



First Impressions:

I received a Press Release regarding the YUBZ Magnum speakers and was asked if I'd be interested in taking a look at these speakers.  I'm a self-confessed gadget junkie so I thought I'd take a look and when I received these I was actually pretty impressed.  The Magnum speakers arrive in a very nice package and the presentation is very professional.  

In The Box
In The Box


The package is oversized when compared to what is inside, but the finish of the Magnum speakers is actually very nice.  It appears that they are actually wrapped in a faux-leather aka pleather material that give them a very high quality appearance.  On the next page we'll cover what is included in the box before we get into testing.