Zalman ZM-MFC3 Fan Controller - Closer Look, Specs and Features

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Zalman ZM-MFC3 Fan Controller
Closer Look, Specs and Features
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The ZM-MFC3 Tour:

The front of this unit is quite simple and easy to work with, yet it has a lot of information available at a glance.  There is only a single button - the main knob presses for a button in order to enter the "set" mode.  The display is very clean and simple and isn't cluttered up with a bunch of cheesy graphics and other logos that take away from the simple display.

Front Panel

Some companies seem ashamed of their products, but Zalman seems proud to display their name on pretty much every product they release.  The ZM-MFC3 is no different, but at least the name and the model are done tastefully and in a nice subtle print on the display.  This adds to the professional appearance of the display.

The back of the ZM-MFC3 is a little more complicated than the front and pretty much identical to the ZM-MFC2.  The back houses all of the connections for the four fans, the thermal probes, the Watt Meter and the Molex Power connector.  The temperature probes are all independent and this can make hooking them up a little tedious if the case is crowded.

 Back of MFC3
Back of MFC3


Before we get into the installation and testing, we'll take a quick look at the features and specifications.

Features & Specs


On the next page we'll take a look at the device in use and see if it is worth the price of admission.