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Evercool Transformer 4 CPU Cooler Final Thoughts:

The Evercool Transformer 4 was the first cooler that we've tested on our new Intel Core i7 920 test rig, and when compared to stock cooling it is quite the improvement. In our testing we found that at 100% CPU usage the Evercool Transformer 4 lowered our temperatures by 12 degrees, which is pretty impressive and really shows how the stock cooling was lacking in performance.

The overall quality of the Evercool Transformer 4 is very decent and it appears to be nice and sturdy and well built. This cooler is a little on the heavy side (843.5g) so when moving your PC around you'll want to take a little extra care, but when properly installed with the included mounting hardware you really shouldn't have to worry about the extra weight of the heatsink at all.

Installation is pretty easy with the Transformer 4, and once you get your motherboard removed you won't need any tools to get the heatsink installed thanks to the included thumbscrews. In most cases I'm going to assume you'll need to remove the 120mm fans off the heatsink in order to get enough room to get the heatsink mounted onto the included brackets and from start to finish installation shouldn't take any more than 15 minutes.


When I first took the Transformer 4 out of the box and saw that it had two 120mm fans that attached directly to the motherboard fan headers without any sort of fan control I had visions of plugging this cooler in and having the fans spin up to some crazy high RPM speed and making an awful amount of noise, however quite the opposite was true. Both the 120mm fans run at ~1000RPM and produce very little noise (~21dBA), and I was pretty impressed at how quiet it was even with both fans running and in most cases other system noise (PSU, Video Card, etc.) will produce more noise than the Transformer 4 cooler. The Transformer 4 really doesn't need any type of fan controller thanks to these fans, because as we saw in our testing the performance of the Transformer 4 was very decent and it was able to do it while remaining very quiet. Some users might still want to hook this cooler up to an external fan controller to slow the fans down a little more if you're going for the completely silent PC and aren't running a very hot CPU, but for 99% of users out there leaving these fans at stock speeds will work just fine and provide a very nice balance between performance and noise.

The price of the Transformer 4 is also a good feature (at the time of publishing this cooler can be found online for ~$55 USD), and when compared to other coolers of similar features and performance the Transformer 4 stacks up very nicely.

At the end of the day the Evercool Transformer 4 did very well in our testing, and thanks to its ability to produce some very decent cooling results with minimal noise it has earned our "Editor's Choice" award. If you're looking for a cooler that will give you performance that stock cooling can't offer and still reduce noise then you'll definitely want to give the Evercool Transformer 4 some serious consideration.



  • Good Performance
  • High Quality Construction
  • Quiet



  • Nothing Major




I'd like to thank Evercool for sending us the Transformer 4 CPU Cooler. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.