Thermaltake @ CES 2010

Our busy Friday schedule included a stop at Thermaltake to take a look at some of their new products.

Thermaltake's new Challenger line of Keyboards

Thermaltake announced a new line of keyboards for CES 2010, the Challenger series. These keyboards are aimed at the gaming crowd and feature a detachable fan that blows air on your hands to keep them cool and sweat-free during marathon gaming sessions.

Keyboard Fan
Thermaltake's Challenger line of Keyboards all come with a detachable fan

Thermaltake also was showing of a "soon-to-be-released" new CPU cooler. Due to it being unreleased we don't have a ton of information on this cooler, but from the demo we were given it looks like it performs very well.

New Thermaltake HSF
Thermaltake's "Soon to be Released" new CPU Cooler

Also demonstrated was some of Thermaltake's new USB 3.0 hard drive docks. We were able to see real world performance tests comparing these new docks to previous USB 2.0 docks and the performance increase was very noticeable and much improved (at least twice as fast).

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