Plextor PX-B940SA 12x Blu-ray Disc Writer - Media Read Testing

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Read Testing:

We fired up the Opti Drive Control software that neatly graphs out the read and write speed of disks and displays the data clearly for reference.  This drive is advertised as being able to read DVDs at up to 16x and it manages to reach that speed easily.  Seek times are great with our DVD-R media however.

 DVDR - Read
DVD-R - Read
DVD-RAM - Read
 DVDDL - Read
DVD Dual Layer - Read


DVD-RAM disks are stated to be read and written at 5x and the PX-B940SA has no trouble reading the Maxell 5x DVD-RAM disk at full speed.   While the drive states that read and write speeds on Dual-Layer DVD-R/+R media is 8x maximum, you can see by the chart (above, right) that the read speed tops out over 12x at the edge of the disk.  That is pretty impressive and it actually average 8.94x which is very respectable.


As we move on to Blu-Ray media we take a look at both BD-R Single Layer and BD-R Dual Layer disks.  BD-R Single Layer disks are getting to be quite affordable at ~$3 / disk but Dual-Layer disks will set you back almost $30 per disk.  This is crazy and shows that Sony is controlling the Dual-Layer prices in order to prevent people from making straight copies of disks.  It works.

 BDR - Read
BD-R SL - Read
BDRDL - Read
BD-R DL - Read


The BD-R media reads very fast at 8x and the overall performance of the drive when it comes to reading is more than adequate.   Dual-Layer disks read very fast and we see a burst rate of over 33MB/sec on the Dual Layer disks with burst rates climbing over 36MB/sec on Single Layer Disks.

On the next page we'll take a look at write speeds before we wrap up our first BD-Writer review.