Thermaltake Element Q ITX Chassis - Features and Specifications

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Thermaltake Element Q ITX Chassis
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The Thermaltake Element Q case is not very big, nor is the list of features very long on this little unit.  That is par for the course with such a small ITX case so don't be dismayed and think that it sucks because the list is short.  We have pulled the following information from the product page and posted it below for your convenience.

  • Quintessence – Typical small form factor, Mini-ITX chassis
  • Qute – Cute , small size which require minimum spacing.
  • Quiet – Energy saving platform with fanless design.
  • Built-in 200W SFX power supply
  • Front I/O ports for easy access
  • Compatible with Intel Atom platform
  • Don’t settle for less.  Element Q supports full-size 5.25” Optical Disk Drives (Blu-Ray Players or DVD-RW Drives).


You can see that Thermaltake was actually trying hard to make some of the features sound impressive and had to warp some things to fit with the "Q" theme.  Regardless, it has some nice features and the specs are posted below.





The case is made of steel and this gives it a bit more weight that I would have expected.  It is also very sturdy and should be able to stand up to a few bumps at your favorite LAN party. There is nothing really remarkable in the specifications so we'll carry on and take a closer look inside on the next page.