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Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack

MW2It appears that Infinity Ward is trying to appease people with a map pack for their latest title - Modern Warfare 2.  While this sounds great - 3 new maps and two old favorites, it appears that the map pack may be released exclusively for Xbox 360 users - at least initially.  What is more, it will set you back 800-1200 Microsoft points ($11-$16).  Sadly, many people will be more than happy to shell out more money on a game that is merely a refresh - for a couple of maps that aren't.  TechReviews has more details.

The three brand new maps are named: Bailout, Storm and Salvage. Bailout is to be based around an apartment complex with lots of flanking positions, Storm an abandoned warehouse in a raging thunderstorm and finally Salvage, a snowy map placed in a derelict junkyard.