Arctic Sound E352 Wooden Earphones

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Arctic Sound E352 Wooden Earphones
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Testing the E352 Earphones

Product: Arctic Sound E352 Earphones
Provided By: Arctic Cooling
Price: $69.95 MSRP


When it comes to earphones and headphones, Arctic Cooling is not a name that comes to mind.  Arctic Sound is their line of audio products that aims to change that.  A couple of months ago they started getting serious about these products and have released an entire line of earphones that range from $3 - $70.  We've looked at a couple of their mid-high end earphones with microphone in the past and today we are looking their flagship (at least in terms of price) E352 earphones.  These have a nice wood finish that adds a bit of bulk to the design.  It may also add good audio quality, but we'll find that out as we go along.


First Impression:

E352 PackageThe E352 package is virtually identical to the previous earphones we've looked at and is nicely finished for a good attractive retail product.  Arctic Sound has even considered things such as how they stack for shipping to be a designing factor in these earphones.  They back well and that allows more to be shipped in a box.

While some people have ears that do not fit earphones that well, the design of the Arctic Sound earphones should make them more widely accepted.  They come with three different sizes of rubber ear pieces that offer passive noise isolation.  A few reasons why I like earphones are that they are easier to pack along in your carry-on than large headphones and soft silicon earpieces are quite comfortable.  Also, because the earpieces are removable, they can be cleaned and kept in better condition than other headphones.

Granted, not everyone likes earphones but with the standard small, medium, large earpieces, I'm sure that most people will be able to find something that fits in their ears and is comfortable.  My wife has had serious ear issues when she was a child and still refuses to wear earphones.  She will wear headphones, but until Arctic Sound takes that path, I will be the one enjoying the E352.


Bundled Goodies:

There aren’t a lot of goodies with a set of earphones, and the E352 earphones are pretty bare as they are merely earphones and not a headset like the E351 and E361 units.  They lack the "Y" adapter and have only an Arctic Sound sticker, a cable clip and two extra sets of earpieces.  It's pretty lean but it gets the job done.  All of this gear can be stored in the handy carrying case and helps keep your gear together.

Earphone Bundle
Earphone Bundle


The only downside with this set is that the cord is pretty short and if you want to use them with your PC, you’ll likely need some sort of an extension cable to reach around the back of your desktop PC.  If you are using these with your laptop, you’ll be good to go.