Zoom H4n Handy Recorder - Buttons, Controls and Testing Info

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Button Breakdown:

As far as the buttons go, Zoom has a nice breakdown of the buttons in their own graphic and this makes things much easier as we carry on forward.  We've covered quite a few of them as we took a closer look and the graphics below should help fill in all the details that I may have missed.

H4n Callouts - Front


 H4n Callouts - Rear


It's interesting to see how different file formats and channels affect recording times.  Zoom has posted up a chart showing recording time vs. audio quality.  If you use the included 1GB card on a four channel recording using 24-bit WAV files, you're only good for a mere 28 minutes.  Compare that to a stereo recording saved to 128kbps MP3 that nets you almost 17 hours of recording.  Certainly, there is a mode and quality setting for everyone.

 Recording Time Chart

Testing Info:

The Zoom H4n is such a robust product that there is no way that we can test every aspect of this device and keep the review remotely interesting for many of you.  Instead, we'll highlight some of the features, navigation and controls of this device on the next page and leave you with an audio sample taken outside on a breeze day.  If that doesn't impress you, well, you must be pretty hard to impress.