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EA to start charging $10 to play online with used games

I guess EA feels like they don't make enough money already and would like to squeeze you for an extra $10 bucks if you buy used games and want to play online. New games from EA are going to come with codes that allow you to play online and once activated you will have to buy another code for $10 bucks if you want to play on another PS3/XBOX/PC (which means if you buy the game used you will have to pay before you can play online). Pretty sure gamers are going to love this extra fee, the Consumerist has full coverage over here.

Starting with the release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 on June 8th, all EA Sports games going forward will include a code in the case, and you'll need to type in that code in the menu in order to enable online play. If you buy an EA Sports 11 game used, or if you rent one, or if you borrow one from a friend, you'll have to buy a code from the Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99, respectively. Of course, EA Sports will still afford you the privilege of purchasing DLC (or downloading free DLC) for its games, but without an Online Pass, you'll only be able to use the content offline.