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Super Talent Express Drive USB3.0
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Product: Super Talent Express Drive USB3.0
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Super Talent originally caught our attention with the DDR2 products back in 2007 and since have branched out into a lot of other memory products including SSDs, USB Flash drives and of course DDR2 and DDR3 memory modules.  Today we are looking at a very fast USB 3.0 Express Flash Drive that is merely their "mainstream" USB3.0 drive.  The unit we're testing out today has a capacity of 32GB and although it is quite bulky, you'll find out if the size is worth the performance of this unit.  Super Talent has a USB3.0 RAIDDrive that is faster than this drive, but there still isn't a USB2.0 drive that can compete as well see in a few minutes.


About Super Talent:

Super Talent Technology, headquartered in San Jose, California, designs and manufactures a full range of DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory modules and Flash based storage devices for computers and consumer electronics. An ISO 9001 certified company, Super Talent utilizes its state-of-the art factory and leading-edge components to produce award winning products with outstanding reliability. Super Talent is an active member of JEDEC, ONFI and USB-IF standards bodies, and holds over 200 patents in Flash and DRAM technology.

Our memory modules are rigorously qualified in Super Talent's compatibility labs, and are then tested and approved by top motherboard manufacturers and other industry partners. Every memory product from the production line is subject to essential hardware and software testing standards for consistency and functionality. Our intensive quality control and testing procedures are designed to ensure the highest possible product quality. Super Talent's extensive statistical analysis of manufacturing data helps drive constant improvement in operations.


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Express Drive Features & Specs:

The USB 3.0 Express Drive is a slim, high performance drive that holds a lot of data and will save you a lot of time by copying files in a fraction the time.  It is one of three different series of USB 3.0 drives.  As we previously mentioned the RAIDDrive is their flagship drive, followed by the "SuperCrypt" that offers high-level encryption and finally the Express Drive.  The speeds of the three drives are all different with the RAIDDrive clocking in at 300MB/sec, the SuperCrypt at 240MB/sec and the Express Drive clocking in at a "mere" 125MB/sec rated speed.  Below is the full list of specifications:

   Capacities:   16GB, 32GB  
   Dimension:   62 x 27 x7.5 mm  
   Technical Details: - Full compatibility with USB 3.0 and 2.0
- Transfer speeds up to 125MB/sec in USB 3.0
- Hot plug and play; Functions like another hard drive
- Slim and sleek casing style
- HighSpeed Drivers Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 (both 32&64 bit)
- LED indicates power, busy
- More than 10 years data retention
- 2 years warranty   

On the next page we'll take a look at the Turbo software and see how fast this drive really is.