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Wicked Audio Little Buds
Testing and Final Thoughts

Product: Wicked Audio Wicked Little Buds
Provided By: Empire Brands / Wicked Audio
$29.99 MSRP



Package I am a huge fan of heavy metal music, dark art and tattoos. Maybe that's why I love the packaging these Wicked Little Buds come in. The packaging is awesome with the flat black color, silver snakes and a really cool skull. The Wicked Little buds come with a total of three pairs of cushions, small, medium and large so you should not have a problem finding a good fit. Now the next thing I noticed was that the cable is not your normal rubber coated wire. It is a braided string like material that does not seem to stretch at all making them stronger than the normal rubber wires. Also, The Wicked Little Buds come with a limited lifetime warranty. Simply go to www.wickedheadphones.com for the warranty information.


Design and comfort:

These Wicked Little Buds are designed very well. They are made of hard and very lightweight plastic with a nice glossy finish. The buds come in four colors, black, blue, purple and silver. One thing I really like is the wire. The wire is the standard 4 feet with a gold tipped, corrosion resistant connector that will fit all mp3 players and media devices. But the thing that is not so standard is that it is braided fiber rather than rubber. This makes the wire very strong and less likely to tangle because there is less friction.

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As the name indicates, the Wicked Little buds are quite small. That is a good thing though as you can choose whatever size of cushion you need for the proper fit. Once you find the right size cushion you may very well forget you are even wearing the Wicked Little Buds.


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