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Is it time to ditch Windows XP?

Believe it or not, but Windows XP is still the dominate OS (still on over 50% of PC's globally), but is it time to finally give XP the boot and join the Windows 7 party? take a close look at Windows XP and give their thoughts on why it just might be time to do the upgrade.

IT departments need to dump Microsoft's Windows XP operating system (OS) before the software vendor ends support for it in April 2014, says research firm Gartner, and the sooner the better as many new versions of applications are not expected to support XP beyond 2012.

And those running Windows XP with service pack 2 (SP2) rather than SP3, which according to some estimates is 50 per cent of all enterprise XP users, should patch the OS even faster before SP2 support runs out on 13 July this year.

How many people out there are still using Windows XP? Do you have any plans on giving it up? Let us know in the forum link below.