Thermaltake Armor A90 Mid-Tower Case - Testing

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Thermaltake Armor A90 Mid-Tower Case
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Installation and Testing:

Installation is pretty simple with the Armor A90 case.

All the optical drives can be accessed by easily removing the front panel (pictured below, left). Once you remove the front panel you will see the included 120mm Blue LED fan in the front of the case that will keep your hard drives nice and cool. You also have room for an additional 120mm or 200mm fan in the front of the case if you require extra airflow. You can also add an additional 120mm fan on the side panel. The Armor A90 comes included with 200mm Blue LED fan in the top of the case and a 120mm fan on the rear of the case. Thanks to the 3 included fans that come with the Armor A90 you should have adequate airflow for most systems, but you've got the flexibility to add more airflow if you feel the need.

Installing the motherboard is also pretty simple, all the holes are clearly labeled and it is very easy to get your motherboard installed with little to no effort. All the optical and hard drives also easily install thanks to the tool-less drive bays.

Installation from start to finish should take no more than 30 minutes from start to finish, and in our testing we didn't encounter any issues.


inside2 .jpg
Front Panel Removed
inside4 .jpg
System Installed

As you can see in the picture below (right), the power supply in the Armor A90 is bottom mounted (which has become very popular in the past couple years). In our testing we used the Ultra X3 800 Watt modular power supply which is a bigger than your standard power supply, yet it fit just fine in the Armor A90 thanks to the adjustable power supply rail in the bottom of the case.


inside3 .jpg
System Installed
inside5 .jpg
System Installed

Everything went very smoothly in the installation section of our review, I have no major issue to make note of. Let's move onto the final section of the review.