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Arctic M571 Laser Gaming Mouse
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Product: Arctic M571 Laser Gaming Mouse
Provided By: Arctic Products
Price: MSRP $29.95



Today we are looking at a brand new product from Arctic Products, the M571 Laser gaming mouse.  Arctic Cooling is best known for PC cases and other cooling products like case fans, CPU and GPU coolers.  Let's take a look and see how this mouse shapes up!

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Package Front
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First Impression:

The Arctic Cooling M571 Laser Gaming mouse was packaged in the usual plastic and cardboard. The M571 was encased in thermo-formed plastic, which protects it very nicely. After removing it from it’s packaging, the M571 was a little lighter than was expected. It does not look like a standard mouse. It has a very unique design. The M571 is a plug and play mouse which does not require any software or drives and this is a welcome relief as you won't have to install any extra services which can slow down your PC.

 M571 Profile

Information & Specifications:

The following information and specifications have been pulled from the Arctic product page and pasted here for your convenience.

The ARCTIC M571  has a resistant surface coating to protect the mouse from wearing out. This helps to maintain the mouse at top-notch quality from day-to-day use. This mouse operates with laser optical sensor; thus, it has ultra-high sensitivity levels that offer ideal precision and speed. The sensitivity levels can be adjusted from 800, 1,600 to 2,400 dpi by simply pressing the ‘dpi’ button. The current sensitivity level is displayed by a LED light on the mouse as well.

The ARCTIC M551 also has the basic features that any computer user is looking for – backward and forward button on the side and the scrolling key on the mouse. All these features are targeted to serve users to surf and play online more conveniently. The quiet scrolling wheel gives highest comfort to users when they need to view slides, zoom in and out, and navigate content on computer screen. Additionally, the ARCTIC M571 offers a third mouse button, which allows multi-fire setting in games or other functions.

To further improve the ergonomic design of the mouse, users can personalize the weight of their mouse according to their preferences and practices. The weight of the mouse can be adjusted by up to four weights of 6.5 grams each. These various aspects would give users greatest comfort and allow them to personalize the weight of their mouse.

All in all, ARCTIC M571 is made for professional users that put high-emphasis in functionality, quality and comfort when choosing a mouse.

  • Laser engine for absolute accuracy – even on glass
  • Ultra-high sensitivity – 800 / 1600 / 2400 dpi
  • Double-bullet and continuous shooting button
  • Ergonomic design maximizes comfort for a long game play
  • Personalize control and feel by the additional weights (up to 26 grams)
  • Smooth, low resistance movements by slick gliding feet
  • Back and forth thumb buttons for easy navigation
  • Coated cord eliminates line clustering


Tracking Engine:
Typical Power Input:

800 / 1,600 / 2,400 dpi
0.15 W
1.8 m Ø 2.8 mm
120 (L) x 81 (W) x 44 (H) mm
138 g + optional up to 4 x 6.5 g weights