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Urbanears Medis Headset
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Product: Urbanears Medis Headset
Provided By: Urbanears
Price: $50.00 USD MSRP



Earphones – especially multi-function earphones like the Medis from Urbanears are getting to be very popular anymore.  As more people migrate away from traditional media players to their wireless phones, they demand not only a good set of earphones, but also a headset that comes equipped with a microphone for total phone and music applications.  We’ve looked at several of these types of earphones lately from Arctic Audio.  Today we are expanding the list with a look at a new set from Urbanears – the Medis.

Box Front
Open Box
Opened Box


First Impressions:

The Medis come in a very attractive box that houses the earphones, and an assortment of interchangeable pads that help guarantee a comfortable fit.    One of my favorite features is the braided cable that should be a bit more durable and naturally helps prevent kinking and wrecking your cable.

(Picture from Urbanears)


As you can see above, the microphone and multi-function button is quite small and sits inline on the left side earphone.  This is easily accessed and provides decent audio quality on the microphone.  It’s nice that a pair of earphones can also double as a headset without looking to bulky and awkward.


Bundled Goodies:

As is the case with most earphones, there really aren’t many extras in the bundle.  That being said, it is still probably one of the most-inclusive bundles we’ve seen in a small headset.  Not only are there interchangeable pads for the earphones themselves, there are also adapters for standard stereo applications if your device has trouble with the default plug.  There is also a Nokia adapter that makes this work with your favorite Nokia device.  The Nokia adapter allows earphone, microphone and button applications to work equally well as with a device that supports the standard plug.

Full Bundle
Full Bundle
Mic And Button
Microphone & Button


Earpads Although I was reminded to make sure I try out each of the pad sizes, I felt most comfortable with the medium size as it offered decent comfort and kept the Medis securely placed in my ears.  The small ones were very comfortable as well, but they didn’t keep the earphones secure.  Also as there was less pressure keeping them in my ears, the audio quality seems tinny as they didn’t seal in my ears.  The largest pads were the least comfortable, but they kept the Medis tight in my ears and with the seal and fit more snug, the audio quality greatly improved.


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