NZXT HALE90 750W PSU - Features and Specifications

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Features & Specs:

The following features and specifications on this new PSU aren't quite as detailed as many other companies.  Still, they include the basics and even a bit more as you'll see below.  If you need all the details, please head on over the NZXT product page over here.

  • 80+ Gold certified: The HALE 90 series from NZXT operates at ultra high efficiency, at 20%, 50% and 100% loads, efficiencies are 87%, 90%, and 87% respectively.
  • Single 140mm two ball-bearing fan operates with minimal noise even at full load. Maximum decibel levels are 20db for wattages between 550-750W and 30db for 850W and above.
  • Strong Single Rail Design: A single +12V rail provides stability and ease of use making the most out of your power supply. Offers stable & clean current delivery under heavy load.
  • Modular cable design: Modular cable design allows the user to pick and choose which cables they want to use, optimizing cable management and airflow inside the chassis. Flat cables allow for easier routing and bending inside the computer chassis during wire management.
  • Hybrid LLC resonant Topology circuitry allows the HALE series to create highly efficient power supplies ranging from 550W-> 1000W.
  • Full range Design from 100V – 250V with Active PFC.
  • 100% Japanese Capacitors: High quality components for longer life time and better reliability.
  • Latest CPU support for all the latest INTEL and AMD CPUs like Corei7, i5, AMD Phenom II X4, X3.
  • Latest GPU support, ideal for latest DX11 GPUs and comes with 8pin and 8(6+2) pin PCI-E connectors.
  • Large tower support: The Hale Series of power supplies have extended 8pin CPU connectors for wire management in large cases which have PSUs mounted at the bottom.
  • Compliance with ATX 12V v2.2, EPS 12V v2.91, and SSI EPS 12V v2.92 Specifications.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Consuming less than 1W during shut off status Complies with the newest EuP ( Energy-using Products) requirements and USA Energy star standards.
  • Continuous Power: The HALE 90 series listed wattage is the continuous operating wattage.
  • Keeping it safe: The HALE series offers over voltage, current, power, under voltage, and short circuit protection. The power supply will automatically shutdown to prevent any damage to your system or misuse.
  • Warranty: 5 Years


80+ Gold Enthusiast Modular PSU
NZXT introduces the 80+ gold certified HALE90 series built from the ground up specifically customized for gamers and enthusiasts and offers incredibly efficient operation that will meet the needs of even the most power hungry enthusiasts.







Althought the NZXT HALE90 Series PSU claims that it can handle 750W of power, NZXT is adamant that this is continuous load - not merely peak load like many other companies post.  If you do the math on this PSU you'll see that the 3.3v and 5v lines actually total 189.2W - not the mere 120W that they are rated.  Also the +12v line is very large at 62A which totals 744W alone - almost the rated wattage of the entire PSU.  The -12v and +5Vsb ratings are bang on.  If you add all of these up, you get 954.2W - so the 750W rating is pretty generous.

 Efficiency 750W