Arctic Sound P531 5.1 USB Gaming Headset - Features, Specs and More

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Arctic Sound P531 5.1 USB Gaming Headset
Features, Specs and More
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General Features: 

The following information has been pulled from the Arctic product page for this headset and posted here for your convenience.  For full details, please be sure to head on over to the Arctic website and check out all the information.

ARCTIC SOUND P531  is the most professional computer headset and literally elevates gamers to a new dimension of sounds. It is like having a home theatre crammed into a headset. This 5.1 channel surround sound gaming headset that can be connected via USB. This headset is designed for ultimate gamers as it features four individual drivers in each earcup to provide true surround sound.

Main Features

  • 5.1 channel gaming USB headset
  • Installed with special subwoofer to produce deep bass
  • Distortion free digital audio
  • Microphone included
  • Lightweight and highest noise absorption
  • Designed for ultimate gamers
  • Features 4 individual drivers in each earcup for uncompromised 5.1 surround sound details and dynamics
  • Integrated vibration units to provide extra sensation to gaming experience
  • Closed cicumaural design to isolate outside noise

To enhance exceptional gaming experience, the ARCTIC SOUND P531 is integrated with vibration units on the earcups to provide extra sensation. The ARCTIC SOUND P531  is installed with a special subwoofer to produce deep bass sounds The illuminated remote control is dedicated to tune the drivers individually.. Thanks to the 5.1 surround sound system, gamers can experience 3-dimensional game settings during their game play. From enemy footsteps, to grenade explosions, gamers can experience everything on a whole new level with this headset. With its integrated microphone, gamers can easily communicate with their teammates.

The ARCTIC SOUND P531 features premium soft fabric and ultra-thick cushioned earcups to provide optimum comfort for long-hours of game play. Its circumaural design and padded adjustable headband is to provide secure fit and eliminate any noise interruption. The earcups are reversible for added flexibility and the 90-degree swivel earcups mechanism is designed for easy single-ear monitoring. This foldable design allows users to fold the headset into a compact unit for protection and portability.

Since the ARCTIC SOUND P531  uses an USB connector, it delivers pure digital audio straight from the source without much distortion. The distortion that affected analog devices from alternating current is no longer an issue because the built-in sound processor ensures superb quality. Gamers can concentrate on their intense game play without being interrupted by much distortion.


Specifications are often fudged by companies and aren’t always that import when considering picking between two sets of headphones but they are worth mentioning.  They can give you an idea of what to expect and I actually really appreciate the graphic that Arctic Sound has included with their audio products so that you know what to expect with them.  


P531 Specifications:




Arctic has their little breakdown of how the headset performs in terms of Bass, Highs, Clarity, Noise Isolation and Comfort.  As you can see, they rate this headset pretty high in terms of bass, highs and noise isolation and after gaming with it for a couple of weeks, I'd have to agree with the noise isolation and highs.  The bass response, while strong seems a bit muddy to me, but we'll talk more about that on the next page.  The specifications above look pretty solid with the speakers ranging from 12Hz - 24kHz.  If you believe everything you read, these should be some of the best headphones you've ever heard.

The trouble with speakers is that they very well may produce sound at the frequencies claimed, but do it at such low volume that it is indistinguishable.  Either way, the proof is in the listening, right?