Arctic Sound P321 USB Gaming Headset

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Arctic Sound P321 USB Gaming Headset
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Product: Arctic Sound P321 Headset
Provided By: Arctic Products
Price: $43.45 MSRP



Today were are taking a look at more of a mainstream gaming headset from Arctic that drops four channels from their Arctic Sound P531 headset.  The P321 still gives us two solid channels and as well as a better microphone and tries to make our gaming, chatting and overall PC experience better.   Although it's a little cheaper than the other headset, it still offers good sound, great comfort and a full over-the-ear style that I prefer.  We'll find out if it's worth all $43.45 as we continue into the review.


First Impressions:

Arctic has continued their high quality retail package.  Their new logo is featured prominently and it looks pretty sweet overall.  It doesn't have a lot of flashy colors, but the silver look keeps the "cool" look we expect from a product with a name "Arctic".

Box Front
Box Front
Box Back
Box Back


As I previously mentioned, this headset is a very comfortable over-the-ear headset that should work very well for people with small to medium ears.  If you have very large ears it could be a on-the-ear style, but the cans are large enough to work for most people.  There is very little in the box as they use a standard Windows USB Audio driver and no CD is required.  It's nice that they work without software on current Windows machines.  I never tried them on a Mac so I can't comment in regards to cross platform compatibility.

Front View
Full Bundle


On the next page we'll take a look at the features and specifications of this headset before we take a closer look and then jump into testing.