QNAP TS-459 Pro+ Turbo NAS - Web File Manager, Downloads and Media

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Web File Manager, Downloads and Media

General Usage:

The TS-459 Pro+ comes fully equipped as a web server and one item that is also included for remote file management is a Web File Server.  While this may not seem like a handy item, I assure you the benefits are incredible - even on a local network.  If you have a large number of media files that you need to move from one folder to another, moving them through a network browser would essentially move them to your computer and back to the device - taking quite a while.  With the Web File Manager, files are transferred internally on the device making moving and copying large numbers of files very, very fast on the TS-459 Pro+.  I used this several times when moving files to and from proper directories for the Media Center application.

Web File Manager
Web File Manager
Download Station
Download Station
Media Center
Media Center


The Download Station is a nice touch as it lets you add BitTorrent files or FTP and HTTP URLs to a download queue and download files without your computer running.  What makes this even handier, is that you can also use their application "QGET" and from your PC, add files to be downloaded - without opening a web browser.  The QGET application is much more simple and easier to use than a web interface.

The Media Center is a bit of a mixed bag.  The idea is great and in fact it works very well, but organization is a little clunky.  While it does look for music in sub directories, it requires a little footwork and file copying to make sure you can find your music and movies from a remote browser or even your iPhone or Android device over a 3G network.  Once it is setup properly this feature is very slick - albeit a little buggy on the Android platform.
Editors Note: (Version 1.0 was released just post testing the main app functions.  It seems to have fixed several issues, but extensive testing has not been done.)

QMobile picture 1

If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch or Android device, head on over and get your app over here.  You can use it on a demo server from QNAP and see how well it works.  Of course you will need a good data connection on your phone and an even better data plan.  In a couple of days I consumed over 2GB of my 7GB data plan on my Nexus One watching some movies.  The *.MP4 movies played back flawlessly and there was no lagging/buffering once the initial 10-30 second loading of the video was complete.  I could write an entire review regarding QMobile itself, but it's suffice to say, that the Android version is still in beta and on my phone it did crash occasionally.  I do have hope though that this will be smoothed out and become a must-have app for anyone with a QNAP NAS that supports it.


Final Thoughts:

The TS-459 Pro+ Turbo NAS is one of the most robust NAS devices on the market.  It combines two Gigabit Ethernet ports with five USB2.0 ports and a pair of eSATA ports to provide extra connectivity.  Not only can it handle extra storage devices, it offers one-touch backup to USB devices as well.  In addition to backup, the USB ports can be used for printer sharing as well as UPS management.  When you consider the benefit of a RAID 5 array inside this box, it becomes very appealing.  Although the RAID is software-based, it is very speed thanks to an x86 Intel Atom 1.8GHz Dual-Core (+ Hyperthreading) CPU inside the box.  For everything other that video trans-coding, the TS-459 Pro+ absolutely flew.

It comes fully equipped to handle tons of different tasks but you can always add more if you're not satisfied.  Installing QPKG files is simple and fast and gives you greater flexibility to quickly install Wordpress, Joomla and more at the click of a button onto any of the virtual hosts you've set up.

In the end, the TS-459 Pro+ is an amazing piece of hardware.  Also amazing is the price tag.  It retails for around $1000.  Ouch.  This is no mere Network Attached Storage box for your home.  It is listed on the QNAP site under the SMB & Corporate NAS, and once you discover what it is capable of - and the speed at which it can get it done - you begin to see why it is so expensive.  Even with the large price tag (without drives), the QNAP TS-459 Pro+ offers some great value to the customer it is designed for.  It is designed for a corporate office where data management, redundant backup, and media sharing are a priority.  The TS-459 Pro+ delivers on its promises, and throws in some nice QMobile streaming to your favorite iOS or Android device to boot.

It's hard to rate this product in our traditional BCCHardware rating, but we'll give it a try below.  First the Pros and Cons.


  • Lots of connectivity options (USB/eSATA)
  • Supports JBOD, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and Single Disk Volumes
  • Servers: MySQL, FTP, HTTP, VMWare, Printer, iTunes, BitTorrent, UPnP Media Server, and more through Plugins
  • Network Teaming/Trunking provides insane throughput in a NAS
  • Mobile Streaming Server is a nice touch
  • Backup: External Drive, USB One-Touch, RSync, Time Machine
  • Display on unit lets you see network settings and more
  • Encrypted File System



  • Not cheap
  • Very slow to start up / shut down





At the end of the day, I can highly recommend this box to a person that needs more than just a standard NAS.  This thing is so stinking fast that on a good network, it can almost keep up to an eSATA device plugged directly into a machine.  The downside is that it is expensive.  In truth, you could build a linux-based server more powerful with the same RAID 5 security for less money.  The truth is that a custom-built box wouldn't be so polished and work this slick out of the box.  It would require a bunch of custom setup in order to make it this slick.  I'd be happy to pay QNAP for one of these myself.

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