NZXT Phantom Full Tower Case - Testing

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NZXT Phantom - Installation and Testing:

In this section of the review we'll install one of our test systems into the case and see what happens.

NZXT Phantom - System Installed
NZXT Phantom - System Installed

As you can probably see in the pictures, everything fit into the NZXT Phantom without any problems whatsoever. Seeing as this is a full case I was expecting to have more than enough room, and even with 2 dual-slot video cards installed we still had tons of space to work with.

Cable management is really quite simple thanks to the holes in the motherboard tray and hiding cables is simple. Most cables are easily able to be run in behind and it almost looked bare inside the case when we were done installing our system. For someone who wants to keep the inside of their case nice and neat, you'll be very impressed with what you can do with the NZXT Phantom.

NZXT Phantom - System Installed
NZXT Phantom - System Installed

Unfortunately I don't really have anything exciting to say about the installation of our test system into the NZXT Phantom case (which makes this section a bit boring). You've got tons of space to work with and cable management in a breeze, overall I'm sure most system builders would kill to be able to work with a case like this all day long.

Let's move onto the final section of our review where we will share our final thoughts about the NZXT Phantom and award it a final score.