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Firefox 4 gets faster, much faster

If you need to have the fastest web browser around then here is some good news for you. Firefox 4 is apparently faster (make that much faster) then before. CNET takes a look at all things Firefox 4 and if you are willing to use a beta browser then you might want to go get yourself Firefox 4 before its official release.

One of the major components essential for the future of Firefox just landed in the beta build of the browser, and it gives the open-source browser the page-rendering speed boost that it had been lacking.

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Firefox 4 beta 7 introduces JagerMonkey, Mozilla's next-generation JavaScript engine that puts the browser in the same ballpark as its high-speed competitors. The old TraceMonkey engine was slow enough to no longer be in the same league as Chrome, Opera, Safari, and the Internet Explorer 9 beta.

Unfortunately like with any browser comparison these results are only valid until Chrome or Internet Explorer come out next week and have the "fastest" browser thanks to an update, but it appears this week Firefox 4 is on top,