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Call of Duty: Black Ops fun

I had to laugh pretty hard when I saw this video, a gamer has finished Call of Duty Black Ops single player without shooting a single shot (and he's got the video to prove it). I must saw I've been enjoying this game and I felt like I was pretty good during the single player campaigns but apparently I was probably just getting in the way....

Black Ops' single-player campaign is the series' - and the genre's in general - most intense ever. We loved every second of it. But how much of the carnage are you actually involved in?

It's no secret that much of what happens in Call of Duty's battlefields is scripted. Soldiers run to set positions, planes drop pre-set bombs, pre-set explosions destroy buildings in pre-set ways. But has it got to the point where everything's so scripted that what the player does no longer even matters? 


WARNING: Language in the video... not suitable for all ages.