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Coloud Hulk Headphones
Closer Look and Testing

Product: Coloud Hulk Headphones
Provided By: Coloud

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In the world of superheroes there’s nothing like hearing the sounds of zip!, zap!, ka-pow! and the mighty roar as muscles lift and punch through to victory! If you’ve seen (or read) the Incredible Hulk you know what I’m talking about. It so happens that Coloud a company in Sweden has made some headphones that have in fact a Marvel comic theme to it, if haven’t guessed it’s the HULK! The company makes a few themed headphones such as Hello Kitty (my personal favorite), NHL, Star Wars, Fame and of course Marvel. Check out their site to see more about them!

Coloud Box
Coloud Hulk Box
Box Back
Hulk's Backside


First Impressions:

When I got the headphones and opened the box, I noticed that there really isn’t much to them - just the headphones themselves.  The truth is, you don’t need much of a manual how to use headphones unless you’re like my cat who’d rather chew on things.  I did though turn them around every angle looking for any left and right letters on which ear they go on. I didn’t spot any so I figured it didn’t matter - then remembered, cord always enters on left side.

Full Set
Full Set


The headphones are slather with the image of The Hulk on the sides of the headphones. The head band is pretty sturdy and has a leathery type of material and the edges have a ridged look/feel to them.  It’s also adjustable to fit any size of head; the ears have padding and a soft inner liner. The cord comes out of one side that starts off straight then it gets coiled and then straight again ending with a triangular shaped end. I thought these pair of headphones would have a volume adjustment; instead I had to use the volume icon on the computer or my keyboard. As these are headphones, they don’t have a microphone like a headset - which makes the lack of volume control make sense. 

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